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How to manager macOS App in a well way

I am a Linux user before using macOS.In Linux, We can using the package manager install the all Apps. But in macOS, it not. So, how can I use one command to upgrade all App and command line tools like Linux? So, I find a good Homebrew Plugin.

Command Line Tool

For command line tool, the package manager Homebrew have an command named upgrade. So, we can use this command to update all command line tool.

Before using the command upgrade. We must use the command update to update the main git repo.

The command like this.

brew update

brew upgrade

GUI Application

For GUI Application,We can use this plugin for Homebrew which named Homebrew Cask and homebrew-cask-upgrade.

Homebrew Cask is a git repo to store the Application info for GUI Application. But don’t have upgrade. So we use the plugin named homebrew-cask-upgrade for Homebrew Cask to Manager the GUI Application which you installd by cask.

The command like this.

brew cu --all --cleanup --yes

Application installd by App Store

A good project named mas can use command to manager the Application installd by App Store.

Follow this command.

mas upgrade

macOS System Application

If you want update the system application with command line tool.

Follow this command.

sudo softwareupdate -i -a