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How to Set NetEase Enterprise Mailbox on Airmail

Now, I go to a new company and start my worker life.This company have their own private Enterprise Mailbox(use NetEase Enterprise Mailbox service).I like manager my mail on one Application.I dont’t like do one things by many ways.

emmmmmm.When I try to add the NetEase Enterprise Mailbox Account to my arimail,I found a document like this link. I try to use and always return error.Ok, I use your Application.

When I open their Application(named Mail Master by NetEase).I found their server config in Server Setting.Ok,try to use it in AirMail.emmmmmmmmm,it’s work.

So,we can know the document is wrong.

So,the config you can write like this.

IMAP Server: imap.ym.163.com
IMAP Port: 993
Type: SSL

SMTP Server: smtp.ym.163.com
SMTP Port: 994
Type: SSL

User: your mail address
Password: your mail password

At last,I can use Airmail manager my Enterprise Mailbox mail.